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Welcome to Wunder K9! We are a dog training facility that focuses on emotion and relationship based approach to dog training. No matter the breed, age, or behavioural issues, our dog trainers can help! Our dog trainers are specialized in aggression, fear, & anxiety based issues. Our dog training facility also offers puppy foundation training, as well as basic and advanced obedience training.

Put an end to stressful dog walks! Our dog trainers can fix your dog’s leash manners in just 2 weeks. Do you want off-leash freedom with your dog? No problem! Sign your dog up for our off-leash board & train program!

Whether you are considering a board and train program, private obedience training, or puppy foundation training, we are happy to help you choose the right training for your dog. Our professional and knowledgeable dog trainers will help you step into a “Wunder World” with your dog.

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Happy Faces


Great trainer! Never had a dog before and after getting a malinois as a first dog(!), I learned everything from Tolgay. I was clueless at first but he showed me the way, trained my puppy and introduced me to Schutzhund. You won't be disappointed with him. Guaranteed progress!

Deniz Ddr


Deciding to board and train your dog is never easy. I was worried at first and not sure what to expect but Wunder K9 exceeded my expectations. Other trainers told me it would never be possible (or it would take a very very long time) for my dog to not need a prong anymore or to have great recall or even be trained off leash. Tolgay proved everyone wrong. I sent my 1 year old Doberman for BNT for 5 weeks and I do not regret it at all. If you're unsure about BNT for your dogs, just do it. You won't regret it! Any dogs I get in the future I will be sending to Tolgay as he is very good at what he does and offers terrific support. Thanks again!

Chelsey Periard

Bradley Tindall

Very professional and knowledgeable dog trainer. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for honest service from a highly skilled trainer. For us, our dog had a barking issue, and was quickly resolved by Wunder K9 by giving us practical advice on how to better understand the behavior and what simple steps we could do to resolve the issue. Although we have fostered many dogs over the years, we needed some help on this issue and Tolgay was great to deal with. I know that a simple barking issue is easy for a high-end trainer, but he was truly happy to help with anything related to the health and happiness of our dog in our household.

Bradley Tindall

Madissen Drennan

I highly recommend Wunderland Kennels! Tolgay is a phenomenal dog trainer and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in what he does. If you are looking for top notch training and/or someone you can trust to pick the perfect dog/puppy for your needs I would 100% give them a call. I cannot wait to get my future Malinois puppy from Wunderland Kennels!

Madissen Drennan

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